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MICROTECHNIC, your Plastic Industrial Partner

Specialist in Plasturgy, MICROTECHNIC designs, develops and manufactures high precision parts and assembled units.

We favour an interdisciplinary and global approach, by covering the different steps starting from the design of the parts and tools till the processing of plastics and the assembly of the units and sub-units.

MICROTECHNIC responds to customer issues by offering turnkey solutions and ensuring optimum implementation.

Our Diversification’s Ability

Recognized player in the automobile sector, MICROTECHNIC also generates a significant portion of his turnover in the field of electrical applications, domotics and leisure.

Finally, we also develop and commercialize a range of own products.

Our Geographical Implantation

With over 450 employees worldwide, spread over 2 continents, MICROTECHNIC is among the globally recognized plastic industrial manufacturer.

To meet the needs of its expansion, improve the quality of its services and deliver better products to its customers, Microtechnic has split its activity on several sites, geographically distributed in 3 countries:

Each site meets specific requirements. Their cohesion allows us to offer a wide range of services and quality while maintaining the responsiveness and flexibility of a small structure.

Our Expertise

Since 1955, MICROTECHNIC has been plastic industrial partner. These years of experience give MICROTECHNIC technical mastery and expertise needed to meet the ambitious technical challenges and meet high quality standards.

The company focuses most of its efforts in the manufacture of parts with high dimensional requirements, combining technical materials with complex shapes.

Our expertise is organized around the following areas of activity: