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The ramp up phase of production is based on all the information generated from the upstream by the design offices, from design to the test & validation results, according to the APQP model.
Thus it complies with the strict requirements of the industrial process planned upstream, including the date of the specifications.
Our expertise in plastic injection process

Producer of a large panel of parts with diverse constraints, MICROTECHNIC has the ability to work many thermoplastics materials.
We are handling skillfully following materials: POM, ABS, PA6, PBT, PEHD, ABS, PTFE, PA66 GF30, PP, PC, PPS, PPO, PAA, PEEK.
We operate on horizontal or vertical press, and realize over-molded parts: over-molding of plastic parts, over-molding of metal inserts.
Our production capacity
Production capacity is about of 250,000 hours per year with over 40 horizontal and vertical presses with tonnage ranging from 50 to 500 tons.