Industrial Control : Dimensional - Cleanliness - Microtome - Sealing - Flow - Electrical

According to the requirements of our customers and the specifications of the predefined work plan, Microtechnic provides all the necessary controls to guarantee the conformity of the product.

This process is essential for the quality of the products supplied and allows us to satisfy the most demanding requirements of our customers.

Throughout the manufacturing process, Microtechnic establishes controls :

  • Necessary preventive controls of our production means such as SPC or MSA
  • Capability studies,
  • ...

Once the controls have been carried out at the different stages of the manufacturing process, the finished product undergoes new controls according to the specifications of the initial plan and the instructions of the control plan (dimensional control, cleanliness control, microtome, tightness, electrical flow...).

In our cleanliness laboratory, for example, we perform the cleanliness controls requested by our customers for parts requiring the presence of strange particles with well-controlled dimensions, ranging from a few tenths to a few microns of millimeters.