We develop leisure products such as diving masks or goggles, snorkels, everything that can be made of injected plastic and that corresponds to aquatic diving equipment.

Our products ensure a perfect watertightness, our techniques and our know-how allow the production of high quality models, meeting all safety standards. In addition to the finished product, we can manufacture spare parts or elements for your diving equipment.



Our company is able to manufacture security equipment, presentation equipment, packaging... such as packaging or anti-theft devices.

These products are tested and validated by our control office.

Reliable, totally waterproof and resistant, these products can be made according to the constraints set by your specifications and can be adapted to different needs. Our level of requirement and quality guarantee the reliability of your products.



We can manufacture injected plastic products intended for example for horse riding, such as the manufacture of whips.

This type of product requires a special manufacturing process that allows the flexibility of a long length product.

Our production capacity and advanced machinery give us the opportunity to meet multiple demands in terms of production of long length flexible parts.



Microtechnic produces assembled and packaged kits for hobbyists. These can be bows or other hobby products requiring plastic injection techniques.

We do not only supply injected parts but we can also provide you with assembled kits according to specifications describing the assembly operations required for each product.

We eventually provide your assembled Kits in appropriate and specific packaging for each product family.