Development solutions

Our laboratories: Metrology - Cleanliness - Microtome - Destructive testing

In our various laboratories, we ensure the conformity of our developments.

The work begins with the initial prototypes and samples and ends with the mass production of the finished product.

Our laboratories comply with international standards and allow us to assess the conformity of our products according to the requirements of our customers, regardless of the industrial sector concerned.

Metrology is the science of measurement and ensures the reliability of all measurements required for production and guarantees the conformity of finished products. It is therefore a key function in the production chain. All our measuring devices (whether thermal, electrical, etc.) are regularly checked, calibrated and, if necessary, repaired, in order to guarantee the quality of the measurements provided and to certify the results. Destructive tests allow us to test samples and measure the behavior of our materials according to their use, in a concern of permanent improvement.

Because quality is at the heart of our business, Microtechnic guarantees the performance of its products on the basis of numerous tests and controls performed by its various laboratories.