Smart building


We also work on parts that cover a wide range of products related to home automation.

The high performance of our know-how and our machines allow us to produce all kinds of motor and micromotor components, of all sizes, in dimensions adapted to the requirements of home automation, from very light parts weighing a few grams to more imposing parts.

We can make all kinds of parts on request, according to the technical requirements of our customers. Our prototypes made in 3D printing or injected with prototype molds allow us to validate the concept with complete peace of mind.




We are able to manufacture all types of electrical, electronic or control boxes such as remote controls. Our manufacturing is made to measure and our boxes are adapted to your needs: we manufacture the plastic box according to your technical constraints, the one that fits your project.

The manufacture of custom plastic parts is our specialty, and our machine park combined with our know-how allows us to produce parts that perfectly meet the needs of our customers.

We are able to inject small plastic boxes for the protection of remote control peripherals such as gate and car remotes, home alarms, home automation systems, lighting or audio and video devices. Shapes, number of buttons, format... everything can be adapted according to your needs.

We can also inject larger boxes, such as boxes for electrical installations, cell phone shells, home equipment control boxes (everything from home automation control boxes), electronic box boxes or power transformer boxes.



In the field of electricity, our equipment also allows us to manufacture plastic boxes for circuit breakers and switches, plastic boxes for electrical hardware, sockets...

Our switch boxes are waterproof and non-conductive, the connector plugs are secured...
As all our achievements, the molds can be varied, our products meet your expectations, according to your specifications. Our achievements can be produced in small, medium or large series.

The design and the realization of the tools allowing the injection of your plastic parts can be carried out by our engineering and design department what allows to work your projects in direct collaboration with your teams and to answer precisely your needs.